Sandi De Ocampo

Who's Sandi? Maria Sandra A. De Ocampo is my full name. 16 years old,I celebrate my natal day every September 2. Born, raised and still living in Batangas City; Kumintang Ilaya to be specific. I am a Senior High School student at the University of Batangas. We are four in the family. We are supposed to be six, but my mom miscarried my two siblings. I am the youngest child in the family. My dad is a Roman Cathoilic, my mom is a Muslim. I am a Catholic. Yes, I have a complicated life. What's with her? I am an ordinary teenage girl. I belong to a family who's not rich, not poor, average. That is why I live in a simple life. I can eat streetfoods without thinking if it's cheap and if somebody would see me and tell me I'm a poor girl. Coz I don't care what other people would think about me. I really don't give a shit with that. I know myself the best. I love myself and I don't live to please people. All I wanna do is to laugh hard as much as want to. My life is happy, but then again, nothing in this world is perfect. I am happy but as a normal person, and as God's daughter, I experience alot of difficulties; in my family, myself, my friends, and in my love life. I cry every time I don't like what is happening with my life. I am weak but then, I don't want a life which revolves only with negative vibes. I want a life which is in a chill mode. I don't like pressure. I am not smart, not an idiot as well. I hate Mathematics. I wanna know who invented it so I could kick his ass off. It just sucks.