tate / タテ

Student and Artist in Deutschland

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♡ 16 / russian / libra / choleric / 3w2

i speak russian, german and english fluently + i'm currently learning japanese and spanish in school. i aspire to study psychology in university and eventually become a therapist.

i generally don't talk about my mental health but i suffer from body dysmorphia which causes me a lot of anxiety and greatly affects my everyday life.

i love anime with all of my heart, i'm your weeb mutual. i often change my interests. some of my current favourites are jojo's bizarre adventure and death note. i also love to draw.

my big comforts are:

ー dio brando, joseph joestar, jotaro kujo, hisoka morow, yagami light, kaidou shun, sesshomaru and kim taehyung. ♡


ー ven is my actual twin and they mean the absolute world to me. i'd protect them with my life and i will come for your throat if you'll ever hurt them. i love them with all of my heart. ♡


ー adri is my wonderful qpp and he's my actual soulmate. i love him to the moon and back. i'd take a bullet for him at anytime. he's always there for me and i owe him my life for that. ♡

thanks for reading! there's no need to dm, just request me.