Chitrak shah

Chitrak Shah – who holds the reigns of a galloping and fast spreading Real estate empire, the SN Group- has managed to reach the heights of success and is still accelerating towards it with his dynamic persona and intellect. A company that was conceived and founded by his father Satish Nenchand has now reached the cusp of success under the Directorship of its Dynamic Managing Director- Chitrak Shah. The thought conceived by his father of setting up a real estate empire was a true visionary's view for the future. In spite of the recessionary turmoil and the hiccups observed in the other business spheres, real estate has managed to hold itself way high from the damages being caused to the world by the down falling economic scenario.

Even affected by the ups and downs of the prevailing economic conditions; it could, in a humble way, overcome the losses in a very short time and with a keen analytical thinking could turn the path that lead it to its downs, at one point of time, into the ones that took them to the heights of success. Chitrak Shah has proved himself as one such noetic thinker who critically analyzed the prevailing market conditions at that time and analytically conceptualized and planed the job in a way, so as to hold his entire business entity up in the blue even in the case of the blues.

Living up to the expectations of his rationally swelled father, Chitrak Shah has never given up for anything but has only smiled and moved forward facing the challenges that came his way meticulously and took his business to a mark very high as was envisaged by his father and has become an inspiration and a motive for many to learn from and follow. Despite the various controversies raised about him, Chitrak Shah never held himself back. Instead, he kept moving ahead with really quick steps and with each step taking his business to a much higher level. He is one of the very rare magnates who don't keep himself away from public. He is not only a true entrepreneur who connects with his other counterparts and is a founder of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO); but is also a philanthropist who makes it easy for people to connect to him through several different mediums very easily.

Being a Managing Director of a whopping Real Estate company under the brand – Shivalik Projects, Ahmadabad and the founder of various refined business organizations in