Chit Thiri Maung


Chit is Front End Web developer,Mozillian+ReMo Member,CMS enthusiast, CSS3 junkie,Open source Lover.

Orignially ,Chit is come from Myanmar and during here Master Thesis intership work she start using Joomla CMS (2008) and she start fall in love Open Source and Open Web. After succcessfully graduated her Master Degree ,she been working as Web desinger in IT Myanmar Industry.

Chit is part of Mozilla Reps and she lead Mozilla Myanmar communtiy before she move out to Singapore.

She love to describe herself as building web application is create of art. Build from scratch, interact the desing with mulitple beaitiful code. Give the use same visaul even where they view from Different browsers , Difference Machines and ofcourse Difference devices.

She love to create Clean Responsive Web Application.Love JS,Jquery,CSS,HTML and Web.Chit's travel sometime and love to take picture , love nature and ofcourse coder who coffee lover .

  • Education
    • MCSC