Chloe Steinberg

Everywhere across the Universe

Mother of the Original Post Pagan Dub-Aquatic Lounge and ReVerie, Reverend Chloe Alexandra Steinberg is a singer/songwriter,concept artist, poet, recording and performance artist who has been creating experimental music in a dynamic range of genres for many years. She learned to sing with her sisters ,harmonizing for hours on family roadtrips. She now composes, performs and records playing piano, guitar, autoharp, ukulele, flute, and electronic instruments. A student of her father, David Steinberg, and piano trained by conductor Walter Noona , she attended the Governor's School of the Arts where she studied theatre arts and College of the Redwoods where she studied audio recording. She has recorded and played with various bands and artists such as Benmont Tench (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) , Chvad SB, Tom Morgan, Jeremiah Tree,The Jolly Walrus, Runaway Cow, Nicholas Petty, Human Growth Hormone, World Freedom Organization, , Prahna, The Elohim, Things Outside the Skin, Jeremiah Tree, Peter Malik (Otis Span, Nora Jones), Gland (Buck Down and Brady Spindel of The Mutaytor), Lola (with Logan Laurent of Carousel), Ronnie Talman and Van Harned in The DirtyTramps, and done internet collaborations with Ralph Buckley, and many more.

Born of Irish and Romany descent she is also a Priestess of The Fellowship of Isis and an Ordained Reverend.

For the last few years she has been focused on recording “The Chariot” a 13 song original Healing Orchestration.

Her newest project is " Kaliwood " a psychedelic rock lounge stage experience with band mate Van Harned from The Mirrors and The Dirty Tramps.

  • Work
    • "I just do what they tell me "
  • Education
    • Virginia Governor's School for the Arts, College of the Redwoods