Chloe Kwok


Hola Amigos! I'm currently on an interning in a local bank. No, I'm far from a banking/finance enthusiast. In fact, I have a deep interest in the service, hospitality and tourism industry! I like to serve and interact with people, and I feel happy making others happy! I would love to develop a career in these sector in the future. I'm currently also working part-time as a Barista at Starbucks, for the love of coffee and the fun of learning a new (barista) skill! I love learning and reading the world news. I want my life to be filled with adventures - exploring new things, people, places while capturing these beautiful moments with my beloved Canon 650D DSLR camera! 📷 Very simply, I wish to live, laugh and love. Do drop me an email at 💌 or follow me on Instagram @cheeseburgerftw 🌻