Chloe Spillane

Hey guys! My name's Chloe Spillane and I'm a freshman at Virginia Tech from Loudoun County, Virginia. I was born in Williamsburg Virginia and I'm the middle child--my older brother, Evan, is a sophomore at Tech and my younger sister is in 8th grade. I'm a communications major and some day hope to become a photojournalist or advertising designer. Here at Tech, I'm currently involved in a freshman program called FLEx--Freshman Leadership Experience. Having the opportunity to learn about the student government while finding a home among the 31 other FLExers is easily the best decision I've made since coming to Virginia Tech. I'm also newly involved in Greek life and hope to pursue a future leadership role in my sorority. Besides school and extracurriculars, I love running, cooking (and eating...hehehe), dancing, watching college basketball, painting, crafting and pretty much anything social! You can almost always find me either eating, working out, or hanging out with my friends.

I love absolutely everything about Virginia Tech--the people, the atmosphere, the Hokie stone, the food, Lane Stadium--and nothing makes me happier than getting to know the campus better. I would love to use the leadership skills I've gained from high school positions as yearbook editor and track captain as well as all the advice I've gotten from being in FLEx to help create the vision for the Class of 2016 as class president. I hope to become closer with my class as I help create a more tight-knit atmosphere on this large campus.

I'd love to get to know the Class of 2016 better, so shoot me an email at, visit me in West AJ, find me on facebook, or tweet at me @gowiththechlo12!