Chloe Clements

Student and Artist in Lincoln, United Kingdom

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My work is about exploring the self, and how different environments and mindsets can impact and determine the way in which we identify ourselves, and what we identify ourselves with. I work with our mundane senses; sight, touch, smell, sound and taste, and explore the lifelong man-made barrier between the art and the viewer.

My work is physically made. It is an important trademark on my work as an independent artist, that my work is physical and has a personalised, unique and individual look to it. My work is created with the influence of my personal interests, from my religion to my favourite film. It delves into the space and place around me, and how the self could be apadted and transformed in accordance to the space or place in which it is situated.

From Bart Hess to Franco B, and from Gunther Von Hagens to Edmund de Waal, my work is motivated by a variety of artists who question a variety of different situations and happenings in their work. One artist differs from the next, this helps me to be actively aware in the art world, and helps me decide which kind of art I want to make.