Chloe Dawn

Chloe Dawn is just your typical 18 year old from the Midwest. Since May of 2010, Chloe has been hard at work raising money for the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill disaster struck, raising over $20,000 with the help of The Vampire Diaries cast and crew. She is a huge fan of the hit television show, The Vampire Diaries. You may have seen her vlogs about the show on the cast and crew’s Twitter accounts and even multiple fansites. With her new voice in the fandom, Chloe decided to use it to the best of her ability by taking her “15 minutes of fame” and turning it into something positive. Thus her charity group, Scream For A Dream was born. Her passion for animals and the environment is what motivated her to start Scream For A Dream. Chloe has been nominated for several awards including The Youth Leadership & Innovation Award for 2011 and has received a $5000 Pepsi Grant for their "Do Good For The Gulf" campaign. Chloe has worked on the "Save The Wolf" project, with Vampire Diaries actor Michael Trevino, that raised over $3,000 for Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and a project with that raised $1,080. Aside from vlogging and blogging, Chloe enjoys spending time with her cats, Mia and Oliver, tweeting like a maniac, reading, volunteering, and being a part of the youth advisory board for The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. She believes that one person doesn’t make the difference, but that one persons courage and integrity can start a chain reaction to inspire others to eventually change the world. She hopes to pursue a career in the film industry and nonprofit work.