Chloé Howard

Healthcare Marketing in New York

Chloe Howard has worked in the science community assisting in pioneering research projects for five years and the pharmaceutical industry for 3 years. She has assisted in various community service efforts since her years as a girl scout, which has steered her desire to become an effective leader and communicator in the health sciences. Her strong background in health and environmental science makes her an enthusiast for solutions to health challenges that can be found in nature.

Chloe is a proactive thinker who wishes to make a difference, always for the better, seeking out different pathways to reach excellence.

What is your definition of success?I define success through accomplishing a goal set for myself that I have worked hard and diligently for. It is felt through participation in gratifying activities where success can be measured by appreciation. No task is ever complete, to me, without presenting a good, solid product that will enlighten others; the simplicity in clarification is the driving force to success.

Describe your leadership style:I would characterize my leadership style as providing an open dialogue where new and refreshing ideas are welcomed. I like to identify the issue for productive solution makingby cultivating a plan and gaining detailed knowledge on how one process influences another; getting the general picture to the see where you need to add in your contribution. As a leader, one must be a team player; therefore, I am willing to work in all areas from the field to in office tasks by being a dynamic worker and thinker while having faith in the capabilities of my team members.

What are your (3) biggest strengths?

· Interpersonal skills

· Strategic thinker

· Creativity

Define your professional execution model:My execution model is to obtain full understanding of the desired outcome with research, socialization and implementation. After researching the specified situation to make a data-driven decision, I then take the necessary steps to socialize my research through collaboration with others in order to make a robust, fully thought out product before the implementation stage. The implementation stage is where strategic and tactical planning and execution occurs.

  • Education
    • Spelman College