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Hey! I'm Chloe, a purposeless millennial, and I know that the American diet is killing us.

As Americans, almost all of our major health problems, from obesity to cancer, can be traced back to the crap we put into our bodies. But the number one culprit is sugar, my one true love.

The typical All-American diet includes almost quadruple the daily amount of recommended sugar intake.

Growing up on this diet led me to tangle with weight issues, depression, social anxiety, and ADHD. As an adult, I found it increasingly difficult to cope with the effects my eating style had on my health and happiness.

One day I woke up and realized what I hated the most about myself was the wasted potential, and that's when I decided to change.

I've spent the last six months researching nutrition and health, preparing for this journey. I'm learning how to eat again, but in a normal way, with normal expectations. I'm not restricting calories or exercising, going vegan or paleo, or any other fancy things. Just clean eating, learning what to avoid in the supermarket, and keeping my sugar intake to the recommended 25grams per day or below.

My aesthetic is sugar, and I'm determined to balance living my best life and living a sweet one. I hope you'll join me!