Chloë Lo

Hi, I'm Chloë Lo. I am a writer, stylist, a romantic and most importantly, a love coach.

I help smart, strong and successful women get the love life they desire while strengthening the most important relationship of all, the relationship they have with themselves.

I have been in the dating arena for over a decade and have been on (what felt like) hundreds of dates. For years I struggled with being the "perfect woman" and the "best girlfriend he'd ever have." Neither one got me very far and I was left bruised (emotionally) and heart broken. Finally, while being in an unsatisfactory relationship with a less than amiable man, I realized something that changed my life.

I am in control of my own love life.

Growing up with parents with traditional values, I was conditioned to be the stereotypical 'good' (ie. obedient) Asian girl, so when I was old enough to date, I wanted to date men who would gain the approval of my parents. Unfortunately, no one told me that a parent-approved man doesn't equal the perfect man for me. It took a lot of tears and many long nights with tubs of ice cream and Dirty Dancing (I mean wine... ok fine... tequila and... He's Just Not That Into You) to make me see that my voice is the only voice that matters when it comes to the matters of the heart.

I realized that in order to get the love life I've always wanted, I needed to take charge and make things happen for me. Everything I used to do was to make other people happy but I realized that it didn't matter how others look at me, what's important is my own opinion of myself. Once I accepted that, not only did I become the best version of myself, I also started attracting men who fitted my version of perfect. After I took control of my own love life, I found that I didn't have to compromise and settle. Now, I have found the love of my life, my Prince Charming, my Mr. Right and what is better is that I now love myself more than ever.

You are the only person who can make your dream love life a reality!

After years of stumbling, I've found the formula to having the love life I've always wanted. I have helped hundreds to become the best versions of themselves and find their Prince Charming along the way. Now the real question is, are YOU ready for the love life of your dreams?

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