Chloe Nikole

United States

I'm Chloe. I am currently a Sophomore in highschool along as a freshman in college. I take on many interests such as World War II, the Holocaust, Espionage, Assassins, and pretty much any point in History. I currently play the viola. I am also currently studying the German and Swedish langauges as it is the native tongue of my ancestors and family; I'm not fluent however. My dream carreer is in foreign affairs, I hope to someday work within the U.N. (United Nations) I also hope to move to a different country when I'm old enough, I have my sights on Germany, Austria, or Sweden. I plan on attending a college in London to give myself a head start in my goal. Some hobbies of mine include Reading, playing the Viola, Sword fighting, wrestling, and Gaming (Assassin's Creed is my all time favorite) I do not identify with an religion currently nor do I identify with any political party as I prefer to stay away from those two things. I am Asexual and I have zero wishes for a boy/girl friend at the moment.

Vielen Dank,


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