dying in Florida

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my pretty links are a wip so Hi.

hunter - 18 - agender

estp + chaotic neutral

i mostly just talk about my interests and fav characters bc that's how i deal with *gestures to my brain* this. other than that i'm super extroverted And i like making ppl laugh. i'm also very aggressive in general that's just the only way i know how to express myself, let me know if i ever push boundaries


id's; chloe price / ian gallagher

kins; alice baskerville / axel / chuuya nakahara / wade wilson

+ some minor. i'll let you know if we share

doubles are cool


my favs....


+ mickey milkovich, ellie williams, rachel amber


dfi you're under 15 or ship daaku

tag incest and pictures of bugs or i'll sb

dm red emoji to follow. or don't idc