Chloë Shaw

Marketing and Research expert in Sydney NSW, Australia

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I thrive off turning things on their head, looking at things differently and experimenting with what works. I am particularly motivated when I am at the forefront of a movement, doing pioneering work. I do what needs to be done and I enjoy pushing the barriers. I am a change maker.

I took a job in another country having never lived there. I quit my job to pursue a cause I feel strongly about. I scuba dive to get over my (completely irrational) fear of whales. I look problems in the eye and say, try me. I am a pragmatist. If something needs doing, I will do it. Nothing is beneath me.

My market research role was in client service. I looked after 14 accounts, had direct line reports and the job was very much full time. But I carved out time to run an innovation forum held quarterly to give a voice to those good ideas– employees were calling for more future focus and I stepped up. It resulted in guest speakers on areas of interest, university programs & improvement of working environment using technology.

For every job to be done there is an element of fun. I played games with employees in the Monday morning meeting “Which bin does this go in?” where I took different rubbish and they had to guess which bin it went it and did an accompanying education piece. I had a parade of people every lunch time asking me what could and couldn’t be recycled.

I also led the office improvement across 8 operating brands to bring colour, light and social spaces to over 2000 square metres of floor space. I had to learn about building code, Wi-Fi intricacies and the complex inner workings of a company engaging with senior and junior staff alike. Employee satisfaction went up 2% with the changes made.

I’ve gone way over the 300-word limit as there is a lot more to me than my CV! And I could still tell you so much more because I love my new direction and bringing good things to life.