Chloé Taylor Brown

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Chloé’s gift is the ability to see excellence in other people. By sharing her knowledge with them she draws out their best qualities and gifts, which causes authentic growth, change and transformation within them and for them, their families, teammates, and their businesses.

Chloé started a modeling career in San Francisco, California, traveled and worked throughout Europe, lived in Milan, Italy, and modeled for designers such as Armani, Versace, Missoni, Escada, Dolce and Gabbana, Givenchy, Bill Blass and Revlon.

She has endorsed products, appeared in magazines and on TV; however, it's not Chloé’s ability to walk down long catwalks, take beautiful photographs or be on TV that sets her apart... it's her ability to triumph over tragedy after the death of a child, to be positive, energetic, beautiful and poised in spite of a paradigm crash and the overwhelming task of redeveloping, reinventing, repositioning, and leveraging a whole new career.

It’s Chloé’s ability to work tirelessly for years, creating and perfecting her life-game and the processes and techniques that are now being used as high-level strategies for the advancement of women and girls internationally—from entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives within organizations and corporate America, women in transition, and even middle school to college age girls with her “Girl-Swag” Initiative and Curriculum.

Chloé Taylor Brown is an international model, author, advocate for women and girl's, corporate executive coach, transformational life coach, personal image & brand strategist, speaker, seminar leader, president and CEO of Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises, LLC, a wife for over 30 years, and the mother of four children.

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