chloe thomson

hello beautifuls:-) my names chloe, im fourteen years of age, iam probably one of the most insecure people you will ever meet, i get upset/moody/embarrassed/crabbit/annoyed etc very easily, i wish i could write out everything that i think but sometimes its like i dont know myself all that well, i want to live in america when i grow up, i love moments where everything is perfect and i say 'moments' because they never seem to last that long for me, i have only a few people in my life that i actually care alot for, when people go out of there way to say something adorable.. yeah that gives me hope, i wish my life was like one of those perfect wee disney movies where everything ends up just the way you expected, i sometimes feel like no one cares and i make myself feel sick to my stomach when i start with my worrying, feeling as if your not good enough.. this happens to be on a day to day basis, i like laughing so much that your stomach starts to hurt, i want to have someone i can call up at one in the morning and tell everything too, i enjoy really long car rides at night time with my music on full blast, if i love you i wont tell you just because im scared, i find it hard to trust people because of all the times i have gotten stabbed in the back by the people that i never thought would hurt me, i try and make as many friends as possible because i like getting close to new people and talking to them like ive known them all my life, i guess sometimes i may come across as a bitch but i dont even realise it sometimes, when im talking or thinking about someone i like i get the most horrible butterflies ever.. woah, and yeah i dont even know how to end this so adjkflkslksjkl bye.