Student in Wisconsin


Student in Wisconsin

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Hey I'm Chloe!

Um my main language is English but since I've lived in Mexico and Colombia, I am understand most spanish

I live in Wisconsin which is pretty cool

I'm also married to Kaela + I love her very much

My birthday is April 18 and as of right now, I'm 14

Some of my favorite anime are


-Bungou Stray Dogs

-Assassination Classroom

-Soul Eater


Some of my favorite characters from before metioned shows are:

- Chiaki, Nagisa, Gundham, and Alan's from Danganronpa

- Yosano, Atsushi and Kenji from BSD

-Itona from Assassination Classroom

-Crona and Maka from SE

-Semi, Hanamaki, Suga, and Yachi from HQ

I'm also a slut for rare pairs so yeah

I'll probably only accept you if you're a mutual uwu