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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Which? What? Where? When? Precisely, why? How? Familiar, daily concerns asked by mankind since the beginning of our time.
Right Now, we need much more answers, faster. More importantly, we need them to be more appropriate.”, fills the gap between the users and businesses by providing information relevant to Products and Services, Locations, Prices and Offers quickly, while helping businesses listed with “” database increase its customers.

“” will always be there to provide you with answers to questions like:

Where do you get the very best Chinese foodstuff around?
What is the price for a IP telephony system?
Who to call on a Friday when the flush overflows?
How to select a supplier that best fits your need?
To know the answers now, all you need to do is visit “” or get your job done fast and easy by contacting “Chobik” on its toll free no 800 800 800 800

The Categories availabe in chobik are

Airlines in Dubai, ATM in Dubai, Hotel in Dubai, Bag/Leather Accessories in Dubai, Banks in Dubai, Cafes in Dubai, Cleaninf and Janitorial Services in Dubai, Clocks/Watches in Dubai, Fitness Clubs in Dubai, Flowers in Dubai, Grocery in Dubai, Gyms in Dubai, Hospitals in Dubai, Hotel Apartments in Dubai, Hotels in Dubai, Hypermarkets in Dubai, Jewellery in Dubai, Labour Supply Services in Dubai, Libraries in Dubai, Maid Services in Dubai, Manpower Suppliers in Dubai, News Agencies in Dubai, Office Supplies in Dubai1, Real Estate in Dubai, Recruitment Consultants in Dubai, Restaurants in Dubai, Shopping Centers in Dubai, Sports Equipment in Dubai, Textiles in Dubai, Tour Operators in Dubai, Travel Agencies in Dubai, Veterinary in Dubai, Website Designers in Dubai, Yoga and Massage Therapy UAE.

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