Chocolate Mic

New Jersey

Allow me to express myself through my HipSoul… “I come from a broken home, Heart of the ghetto where the roaches roam. Nothing ever positive to focus on, Learned it all alone cause my pa was gone, & I’m on my own, but life goes on.” ~Choc Mic.

It’s made evident from the deeply soulful vocal styling in Choc’s songs: This is an artist who knows the struggle, yet has a positive and unique flow that shines through in hop-hop laced, genre-bending tracks that resonate with fans. Hailing from New Jersey and growing up with the struggles of poverty and a broken home only helped Choc persevere and grow as an artist. Choc says of his childhood:

“Molding myself in that environment was tough enough, but keeping positive was even more difficult. Honor Roll, lead roles in school musicals, and Mr. Popular were hard to toggle with life occurring.”

Choc began to consider a music career at 14 and never looked back; he says his time as a young artist leaving New Jersey to explore his craft with fellow artists in Miami was a major life changing moment:

” The spark had grown into a wildfire within me and it was noticed. So much so that one day as Rick Ross sat in on my recording session, he with great respect stated ‘I gotta get on this one Choc. This is that heat.’ Respect.

From waking up to passing pedestrians murmurs to waking up with Mr. Cheeks adjacent to me playing Madden on ‘my sleep couch’ , it was evident that I was transcending.”

Throughout the years Choc has put together an impressive catalog of songs covering a dynamic range of genres and stylings, working with artists from around the globe including current co-productions with multi-platinum producer Keith Clizark.

Past tours have included performances alongside of Izza Kizza, 88 Keys, Kidz in the Hall, and Donnis. Currently touched down in Southern New Jersey, “Choc” Michael McNeil continues to cement his position as a dynamic and soulful artist with plenty of surprises left up his sleeve.

CHOC MIC presently produces a fresh mix of Soul and Hip Hop ((((((HipSoul)))))