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Cocoa is an ancient fruit which has been used for centuries for medicinal porpoises by the Inca Indians. The tea made of it was once known as the drink of Gods due to its multiple health benefits. Since chocolate was invented, of course, the first use of cocoa has been to manufacture the thousands of tons of the candy which we consume each year. According to specialists in the field, most of the original benefits of cocoa are lost by the time it is processed and has been added to milk, sugar and other ingredients. Medical literature describes some of the important benefits of cocoa as an antioxidant, appetite inhibitor, and it is also known to be a focus and stamina stimulant. However, they come only when cocoa is in its natural and pure state, either raw powder or raw fruit, both of which are very bitter.

Regarding appetite control and weight loss, some other natural components such as Garcinia Cambodia have demonstrated encouraging results as well. Francisco Nascimento MD, scientific developer for New Birth Bioproducts, and who is a leading cardiologist and sports medicine specialist, was interviewed and reported that the research conducted had shown results which even the investigators had not expected. He stated: "The research showed a decreased appetite, and as a result, a significant reduction in weight.It will bring hope to people who are dealing with weight issues, obesity and frustration. Life style changes, i.e. a diet which many people find hard to follow, will now have another helper to avoid unwanted cravings. Once those are taken away, a person can easily decide to eat healthily instead of consuming food which is high in calories, fatty foods or whatever is in front of them just because they feel hungry".

His research took into consideration clinical experience from internal medicine, sports medicine and cardiologists. Current lifestyle prioritizes time optimization, and in many cases implies less time for physical activities and to prepare our own homemade meals harvested from nature. Processed and even pre-made meals are a reality that we have to accept in the modern day. The main variables which we can act against now are portion and calorie control. Invariably, controlling the appetite can be a huge challenge. Check This Out Here At