Widian Yuliani

Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur

Widian Yuliani was born in Jakarta on july 27th 1991. Usually either called adelia, or widi. she's curently studying Finance Management at Akademi Pimpinan Perusahaan Kementrian Perindustrian R.I. She loves chocolates or anything that has brown color. That's why she also known as @chocowidi on twitter world.

When she was at junior high school, she joined Rohani Islam SMA 59 Jakarta and became Bendahara Umum.

when she was at age uder 19th, she's very shy girl. She's such had no confidence to express anything. dunno why, but that's she was. since she got colleged, her confidence has been increased until now. in college, she got many knowlegdes and the circumstance has given her great knowledges too to be a better person.

Eventhough she known as a shy girl, yet she has a strong willingness to be a better person.

  • Work
    • intern at PT. Adhi Karya (PERSERO) Tbk
  • Education
    • Akademi Pimpinan Perusahaan Kemenperind RI