Ri Xing


Personality types:

Myers-Briggs type-ISTJ, Enneagram type-7/8 (working on figuring this out.) Temperament-choleric, Alignment-neutral evil (I was really close to true neutral)

Ships:(* means main ships)DaiKen*(digimon), BillDip*(Gravity Falls), ShinHibi*(Kagepro), HibiMomo(Kagepro) HibiHiyo(Kagepro) Akoyumoto* (Boueibu), Kinmoto* (Boueibu) 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Synpaths: Yumoto Hakone(Boueibu), Yoichi Saotome (Owari no Seraph), Akoya Gero(Boueibu), Ken Ichijouji(Digimon 02), Hibiya Amamiya(Kagepro), Mikaela Hyakuya(Owari no Seraph), Seisa Mikagura(Mikagura School Suite), Adora (Star Darlings, Vega (Star Darlings), Little Girl (The Aurora's Pores Didn't Just Open), Chess Belle(Owari no Seraph)


I'm Ri. I'M A MINOR. If you're uncomfy with that, just leave right now. I'm always talking about Boueibu, Kagepro, and OnS. I'm a cis female and asexual. I most likely have social anxiety so I don't talk to a lot of people and I tend to ramble. I'm a rather emotionless person and I try to seem upbeat. If you id or share my synpaths, I don't have anything against you following me. However if you feel uncomfy with sharing them with me, you're free to unfollow. PLEASE TELL ME WHEN YOU UNFOLLOW OR SOFTBLOCK ME. I can't tell when people softblock me AT ALL. If you don't tell me, I'll most likely end up following you again. I DO NOT CONSIDER SYNPATHS AS IDS. As stated by the creator of the term, synpath is used for non-kin while id is used for kin. So if you say do not follow if you id with [character] and that character is one of my synpaths, IWILL follow. So tell me if you want me to unfollow.(Ps. I was named prettiest person on turtleseed.)


Other places-

Main tumblr: akorite


Google+:Yuzuki Yukari-chan

Writing sideblog:tsukitabi

Daily doodle sideblog: constellation-chan(hiatus)

art sideblog: parapa-rapa-chara-charary



Boueibu, digimon tri, OnS, kagepro