bill russel

hello, my name is bill russel. life has been extremely hard for me. my boyfriend left me and my leg has stopped working. i cannot afford the surgery needed to fix it. i have a strange addiction the consumes most of my time. I have not told anybody. The truth is i like to eat mice. I love the fur in my mouth, and the strange scents lingering in my nose. in my room i have a hidden passage leading to another room this is where i keep my mice. i eat about 352 a day and the more feral the better. i love to keep cheese in my backyard witing for the mice to come where i can capture them and shove them up my butthole. this is where i hide them before i release them into my hidden room. i MUST excercise often to keep my ass is good shape so i can keep maximumm amount of mice inside. on a good day i can keep about 30 in there. I spend the rest of my time hitting on lovely ladies at the local lawn bowls. the girl i took home last night wa s 83. she was a bit of a minger.