Chocolate Punk

No one really knows where Chocolate Punk came from. When his father discovered that at two years old he was already chasing white women and drinking Hennessey, he was sure he would grow up to be either a professional athlete or maybe Cuba Gooding Jr's roommate. Who knew that his father would be wrong, and that little Christopher would one day become Chocolate Punk, the greatest pop star you've never heard of in your fucking life.

The story of this genre-bending artist started in South Central Los Angeles. Tragically, after being diagnosed with mustache cancer at the tender age of five, his mother decided to move to the suburbs so he could get healthy, and some say, spawning the birth of the alter ego the world would eventually know as chocolate punk. His father, a lawn mower mechanic, spoke the words that he would live his life by. "If you give a hundred percent half of the time, you will have an 75 percent chance of being great." He knew that music was his calling and that it was time to stop sending it to voicemail. However, growing up listening to Michael Jackson, NWA, New Edition, New Kids on the Block & Madonna would at times appear to be a gift and a curse. He found himself rapping and creating hardcore lyrics, and then the next day humming pop melodies. The confusion this would bring caused him to record rap records as well as pop records, only to be told that he needed to follow a certain "direction".

After years of going back and forth between rapping to quench his thirst for hip hop, and making pop records to ease his hunger for Top 40, he decided what his direction should be. Good music. Music that would be inspired by every concert he had ever seen, and every song he had ever heard. After stints in a now defunct boy band, and recording hardcore rap music, Chocolate Punk was born. Enlisting the help of an up and coming writing team The Inkwell, he has cultivated the sound that is surely to change the music business forever, Or maybe just for a little while.