Chocolate Reviews

I blog about chocolate at Chocolate Reviews : the best, the worst and the stuff in between. I also run a directory of chocolate makers and trying to set up a reviews site for chocolate making courses.

If you're interested, here are my favourite chocolates of 2011:

1) Pierre Marcolini Selection Box
The palet fins served as a wonderful, clean distraction from the delightful and full-flavoured filled chocolates. But what really set them apart was the effort taken with the packaging design and transportation.

2)Duffy’s Panama Tierra Oscura Panama 72%How the varying notes combined together was exceptional. However, it was the sumptuous texture that made this bar the best dark chocolate of the year.

3) Demarquette Royal Marina GanachesIn terms of ganaches the undoubted winner was Marc's Royal Marina.

4) Mast Brothers Black TruffleThe finest flavoured bar I've reviewed this year has to be the Mast Brothers Black Truffle.

5) Idilio Origins Finca Torres 72%The wonderfully smooth texture combined with definite wood acidity and fig notes gave this bar a complex flavour. The melt was to die for and has to be the best bar that includes soya lecithin.