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Hi, I'm the Judy in Chocolaterunsjudy: running and chocolate are just two of my passions. I also love cooking/baking healthy food (and occasionally some not so healthy food), animals, yoga, and reading.

I have lost 40 pounds several times in my life. I am a 25 year lifetime Weight Watchers member and I attend meetings every week. The magic is in the meetings!

I like to say if I can run a half marathon, anyone can -- because I was almost 50 before I ran my first half and I won't be setting any speed records. I do hope to run a half in every state.

I'll be sharing with you:

Anything and everything about running

Race Recaps

Product reviews

Healthy recipes


Stories, photos, and videos of the furkids

My thoughts on weight loss/maintenance

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    • Rochester Institute of Technology
    • Brett Larkin Uplifted YTT