cho de choco

This is the story of young man who not only believed in himself but his dreams too.

I usually like myself a lot. I like very much to laugh.
Kids on the street stare at me, and then giggle or cry.
I like to stay put. I always stay in the same place and in clubs it's never on the dance floor.
I like to sing outloud pretty much everywhere. Car, bus or even in the street.
I like so many things its hard to categorize...

I'm a Geek, emo, junglist, dreadlocked vegan. As hard as it is to believe.
That's another thing... I change a lot and I'm not ashamed of it.
I would love if some people could be still alive.
I'm always inspired by other people but i never lose myself.
I listen to some people talk crap for sometime... eventually I get tired and disagree.
I think I'm always right until i agree with someone else. I'm always trying to convince people.
I get a lot of credit even if "I'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck and sometimes a bright idea. So shower me in a chorus of compliments and verse I don't deserve."
I have some evil in me but not as much as it looks like i do.
I don't always talk to people i don't know because i'm shy. Although I mostly end up loving who comes to talk to me.
I'm always close to having all i ever wanted. That's what hard work gives me.
I've met 6 extraordinary women in my life so far.
The best fruits to have survived natural selection for me are: Coconuts and pears.
I find that knowing how to think is the most attractive thing in a person.

If you understand this you are most likely a wonderful being!
I find French Bulldogs to be the most beautiful dogs. Even before the fad.
I play on "HARD".
I waste a lot of time in my life.
I love to be important.