Lailan Safina

Niel's heart

Annyeonghaseyo,Juneun... Lailan Safina binti Muhammud Imnida.People call me Xue while my family call me Kay B and'Adik'. I'm 13 y/o.Studies at SMK (P) RAJA ZARINA.

Addicted to Kpop.I'm Siwonest!!! SIWON SIWON..SIWON!! Oh...Not forget about my hubby~Ahn Daniel.(TEEN TOP)I only receive loves confessions from him only.Addicted to Lee Hi.Of course.Lee Hi is my idol~I like her voice.Ye Zi Yu; my future youngest brother ^^.Paparazzi . Nikki,FaSeop,Jiny,Haely and Ball.I love you all forever.

Hard times will always reveal true friends.

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