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Dr. Anthony Payne Ⓥ

Author, Writer, and Celtic Christian monk in Plainview, Texas

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ABOUT ME: I split my time between weaving hypotheses, ideas, and text for clients including physicians & research outfits, and living the faith as a monk (Celtic Christian).

Among my passions: Writing (articles, papers, 4 books), spinning ideas (theorist, sometimes philosopher), and sketching & painting. I am a veganⓋ, love Goth and Steampunk, and have been involved in the deep ecology movement since the 1980s. I've been a democratic socialist since 1985.

In addition, I am a postulant Celtic monk in St. Brendan’s Celtic Christian Monastery & Seminary.

I am also a native Texan and a card-carrying (CDIB) American Indian (Tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma).

Nota Bene: My business moniker is "Choctaw Doc" & my American Indian name is "Summer Cloud".

My spiritual watering hole website: