Andrew Choe

Allston, MA

Andrew never stopped running towards achieving his life-long passion, which is to become a popular music producer. Ever since he taught himself how to play an acoustic guitar in 7th grade, he never stopped composing music. Over the years, Andrew taught himself on how to play other musical instruments, such as electric guitar, bass guitar, drum, and keyboards. He started working as a music director for his church youth group in 2004, and several other churches until 2011.

Ever since he graduated from Full Sail University in 2007 for Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts, Andrew worked as a freelance sound engineer for local communities. Local churches, local NPO groups, and Korean embassy are some of the clients he has worked with. Not only does he work as a sound engineer for events, but he also has done several installation jobs for local churches.

Currently attending at Full Sail University for Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment Business, Andrew is looking forward to work in the field of entertainment business, music business to be specific. Andrew is expected to graduate in fall of 2013, and he is planning on starting his own recording label upon graduation.

Currently, Andrew is working with two other groups other than himself as a producer, and expects to have his own album published by the summer of 2014. In Boston where he lives, he continues to build network amongst students and teachers at Berklee University, as he seeks to find more talents to work with. Andrew is currently working on expanding his network to global level, starting with K-Pop producers in Korea.

Andrew spends most of his free time watching movies and televisions. He also spends his time looking for good restaurants, for he has worked in the restaurant industry for a long time. Listening 70’s and 80’s music while commuting is one of his favorite daily routines. He dreams that one day he will be on Steven Spielberg’s film, even if it means it is going to be .001 second.

  • Education
    • Full Sail University