Thomas Gorochowski

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow on the Marie Curie Initial Training Network for Integrated Cellular Homeostasis (NICHE) based at the DSM Biotechnology Center in Delft. My focus is on studying how bacteria engineered to act as cellular factories for producing important products such as insulin, respond to these production demands. Using modern high-throughput techniques to provide a multi-level and integrated picture of the cellular stresses (transcriptome, proteome, metabolome), I build models that help predict the impact of these demands and use them to develop new ways to help reduce this burden. This work has applications across biotechnology from improved production of important biologically-based materials and compounds, to providing foundational knowledge for the emerging field of synthetic biology.

In addition to this project, I also make an effort to pursue some of my other research interests. These include: applying the concept of dynamical and evolving networks to real-world data sets; studying how synthetic biology can be used within architectural settings to create materials with useful physical or aesthetic characteristics; and using a computational perspective to tackle fundamental questions in complex systems theory from the emergence of creativity to possible natural models of information processing.

Selected Publications:

BSim: An Agent-Based Tool for Modeling Bacterial Populations in Systems and Synthetic Biology.
T.E. Gorochowski, A. Matyjaszkiewicz, T. Todd, N. Oak, K. Kowalska, S. Reid, K.T. Tsaneva-Atanasova, N.J. Savery, C.S. Grierson, M. di Bernardo. PLoS ONE, 7:8, p. e42790 (2012)

Using aging to visually uncover evolutionary processes on networks.
T.E. Gorochowski, M. di Bernardo, C.S. Grierson. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 18:8, pp. 1343-1352 (2012)

Evolving enhanced topologies for the synchronization of dynamical complex networks.
T.E. Gorochowski, M. di Bernardo, C.S. Grierson. Physical Review E 81, p. 056212 (2010)