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I'm training myself to become a graphic designer and I need your help to build up a portfolio ready for my job interview. I can’t afford to go to college or university
and get the grades needed. So if you need a logo, business card, compliment
slips, an advert / flyer, anything graphical at all, then send me an email and
I'll be happy to help bring your ideas to life for free.

Yes totally free

If I create something you like then you will receive the image with no hidden costs.
Feel free to then use that image when and where ever you want.

All I ask in return is that you send me a simple thank you note saying that you were happy to of received my design and if you have any of my ideas printed up
as finished copies, for example, a letterhead, business card or flyer, could
you please send me a finished copy. So I can then take your thank you reply and
finished copy to my interview.

Many thanks and I hope to hear from you soon

Click on the link below to email me or visit my Facebook page and check out my ongoing portfolio