Choice M.A.S.


Choice - Many people who know me refer to me as, Choice. After people get to know me and the name, no sooner do they ask me what my name means. The name, Choice, is basically self-explanatory, it is a reminder that we all have'choices' in life. A person's 'choices' will dictate the course of their life. So, in some respect we can dictate the course of our lives and our futures if we are mindful of the 'choices' we make.

M.A.S: {M}ind {A}nd {S}pirit - M.A.S. is an acronym for Mind And Spirit (Not pronounced like Christmas, it is pronounced like Midnight Mass); I am of the mind and spirit; I am Choicemas, and some refer to me as Mas. It is my belief that our choices are created in the mind and answered by the spirit. Throughout life choices are born in the mind, and there will be times when one makes a choice that will 'break' his or her spirit — these choices are usually poor, unclear, or impure choices. There will be other times when the spirit will regain 'light' from the choices it acts upon — these choices are usually good, clear, or pure choices.