Choices Counseling Center

Winter Park, FL

Maureen R. Traynor, a prominent family systems therapist who specialized in underlying conditions of addictions, established Choices Counseling Center in 1985. Ms. Traynor, who acted as Executive Director of the facility until her passing, attributed the success of Choices Counseling Center to the staff’s willingness to create a renewed sense of community and to commit to change. Today, her daughter Elizabeth Traynor, who worked with Maureen for the past 25 years, oversees the work of Choices Counseling Center as President and Director.

Choices Counseling Center offers weekend, five-day, and extended care programs for those individuals with any type of addiction. These care programs supplement ordinary 12-step programs in that they are rooted in the community, and they help handle the issues that surface after people attain initial sobriety. Choices Counseling Center also provides individual, family, and group therapy that can be conducted on-site or in a patient’s home. In addition to managing addictions on the cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels, Choices Counseling Center ensures that recovering individuals experience improvements on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Likewise, Choices Counseling Center urges patients to implement positive family, social, vocational, and financial aspects into their lives to eliminate feeling the need to abuse their substance of choice. The staff members at the clinic are unwavering in their pursuit to treat their patients’ addictions fully. As such, the staff works with individuals for as long as the recovery process takes.

With the help of Choices Counseling Center, patients will be prepared to work toward a sober lifestyle. Additionally, they will be able to connect sincerely with others, rehearse making alterations in a supportive environment, and take accountability for improving all aspects of their lives prior to and after a complete recovery.

To learn more about Choices Counseling Center, visit or call (407) 628-3443.

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