Master Yi

Why Choigame24h born ?
2011 : born, began offering free game download service . The launch marks a special milestone for the company's encroaching Western Telecommunications to eCommerce array .
2012 : Website begins to stabilize and grow both in quality and quantity game .
2013 : gradual improvements to regain its previous position . community of gamers :
Previously Choigame24 community of gamers do not have a place to cultivate , exchange and learn from each other . Currently, we have separate forum for activities . Everyone involved to make a positive contribution to the development of Choigame24h .
Choigame24h for what purpose ?
Creating an environment for members to be able to share these compelling mobile games . Where members can contribute thoughts , ideas , plans for the game you're playing .
Creating articles , tutorials ... help to support new players since then hone and develop more knowledge about the game .
Along contribute to building Choigame24h quickly launch new products . Release of the product on the system of the community .
Funding for the rich creative game bigone cho android ideas , breakthrough can be developed to provide national products , internationally .
Those who should join ?
Everyone loved the mobile game from amateur to professional , no age limit with the desire to share and learn from each other .
All companies , organizations , clubs , game clubs to join together to develop mobile gaming industry .
Looking forward to receiving contributions of people like?
With the principle of "share to the development of " Community will try our best to give you the most benefits possible through the latest news updates , tutorials from the Beginner to Advanced , fun activities , useful , ... We are looking forward to you and to us with the same spirit of sharing the same passion and connection together game development industry in Vietnam .
All articles , ideas ,game avatar, activities , news , ... revolves around the issue of mobile gaming industry in the country and the world , the tools support the development