Chokae' Kalekoa

It all started when I was 11 years old , with the help of Ivan Perez, a janitor at my Jr high school, who surprisingly turned out to be a highly decorated martial artist. As my first martial arts instructor, Ivan taught me to meditate before and after every practice; it’s just what you did. And as a kid, bereft of fear, doubt, worry, and or skepticism, I just did it. My practice improved as well as my “ok-ness” with just being me.

Meditation simply became a part of my life and even as a teenager I often shared what I was still learning, with anyone who was interested.

As an avid reader with an insatiable appetite for information, I had already read the entire set of encyclopedia in my family home as well as Grolier’s encyclopedia set Lands and Peoples before I was 11. I was always most interested in nature, especially anything to do with the ocean and plant life. I was equally Fascinated by the multiplicity of human cultures and spiritual/metaphysical diversity around the globe.

I read various works by authors like Lao Tzu, Nietzsche, Richard Bach, and more, including Iyengar’s Light on Yoga, Ram Dass’s Be Here Now, and Black Elk Speaks, all before the age of 13. (didn’t realize how odd this was till much later!)

I am a Kriya Yoga Initiate, Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist, Native American Pipe Carrier, Hatha Yoga Coach, and Meditation Instructor..

For more than 20 years, I’ve participated as an international lecturer on the practical application of Daily Meditation, and Natural Healing with emphasis on the interconnection of body, mind and spirit.

After many years of studying and practicing an array of beautiful meditative disciplines including Transcendental, Walking, Mindfulness, Vibrational and many more, I’ve have come full circle, realizing that the common denominators they all share, were the very things taught to me by my martial arts teacher taught me when I was 11.

The Shut Your Monkey Meditation Workshop was created to provide you with a skeletal structure of a simple meditation method on which you can custom build your own daily meditation practice that will enable you to experience the comforting joy of simply being.

So far, the Shut Your Monkey Meditation Workshop has traveled the world including the USA, the United Kingdom, Asia, the European Union, Africa and Polynesia, with many more to come.