Alexander De Leon

Student and Consultant in Los Angeles, California

Alexander De Leon was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and identifies as a Queer Latino man. His roots stem from Central America and Guadalajara, Mexico. Raised by his teen parents along with a village of strong mujeres (women) in his extended family, De Leon witnessed the conditions of working class communities struggling under structural oppression firsthand.

As a young person, De Leon didn’t have access to many openly Queer LatinX role models. Now he takes responsibility in supporting all of his communities by speaking, organizing and living around his multiple identities, showing that Queer and Latinx and male don’t have to spark conflict.

De Leon’s introduction to activism sprouted at young age as his mother was heavily involved in the Service Employees International (SEIU) organizing for workers’ rights. He’s since been involved in community change efforts for a more sustainable and equitable environment since early childhood. His passion for these efforts comes from innovative strategizing to carve out spaces where people can be their authentic selves, passionately and with dignity.

Currently, De Leon leads campaigns that unite young people in communities to advance the celebration of identity and signal positive shifts in local public policies in the state of California. Most recently, De Leon created and managed a fellowship for the Boys & Men of Color in Southern California defining a new positive culture with the Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network. He works to empower and train young people to find their voice and advocate for themselves in communities across California. In addition to serving the community, Alex is currently studying at Santa Monica College becoming the first in his family to attend college.

  • Education
    • Santa Monica College