Chol Garang

Director, Filmmaker, and Actor in Juba, South Sudan

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Born in Feb 27th(1994) as Chol Garang Kuol better known as Shørl Wés is a south Sudanese actor, producer and director known for his debut Dinka language based movie "Miith Cin Piooth" that he directed and produced in Bor, south Sudan with his associates, likes of Yuot Dut. Chol have been pursuing this dream since he was at his tender age, he's now the owner of the Greyman Film inc. the C.E.O of the One Pound Entertainment. also the founder of the proposed Choga Films Pictures. with the help of his brother Anyar Kuol, Chol has been working hand in hand with commercial associates like Director Chol Mareech and many others, Chol's vision is set for Hollywood.