Chris Hollins


Chris is the President & Co-Founder at TalentGrade is a new hiring selection platform designed to help companies select the best candidates out there. We do this by allowing companies to request from applicants, a pre-interview assessment in the form of a short video, audio, or work sample.

Chris believes this is the missing link that companies have needed to make the interviewing process more appealing and rewarding for both the employer and the candidate. Many job websites are saying that there is not a job crisis, but a skills crisis. TalentGrade is going to help young professionals show off their skills and will allow companies to put up challenges that will be specific to the position that job requires. This will allow companies to filter talent and get the best of the best.

Chris' job is to handle not only the day to day requests of the companies that are TalentGrade's partners, but to also travel to new companies and educate them on their new Patent Pending Competition Based Hiring Solution.

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