Citra Pratiwi


Born in Bandung as a pure Leo from a Gemini couples XD

Have just achieved one of my dreams, to have a company before i passed my 30s.. YAY!

Befriend with photoshop, joomla, and pencils too :D

Hate politics, love my "real man" husband and daughter, and I am absolutely happy without have to guess..

And for all the women in the world, BE BRAVE!

"DO NOT AFRAID to say what you want, what you think, what you feel! If you're being cheated by someone you really love, just leave him, sista!!

DO NOT AFRAID to be alone for a while because everything would be beautiful on the right time with the right person on the right track.

Trust me, been there done that.

Dump that sissy creature (i wont even call him a MAN nor a HUMAN.. LMAO!!) in the dustbin and stand up high on our feet while raising our chin and reach our goal for absolute happiness.

And when you've met your real soulmate, be a dependable and independent woman, even though you have a man to rely on. Think of it as a helping hand for him ;) "

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