Zinto Chonco

Auckland Park

It is my mission as a teacher to encourage each of my students to do their own Personal Best!!! I strive to help them learn at their own pace, but also challenge them - just a little!!! It is my goal to ensure that they have the skills that will give them a jump start in kindergarten and for the rest of their school years. I want each child to know how special and important they are to me, to their families, to their friends and to the World!!! I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each one and cherish the growing and learning process.

As a young Bubbly, self Motivated, kind, loving and caring.....I Believe in giving lots of Love through undivided attention, positive comments, praising efforts and accomplishments, really listening to what each little one has to say and most importantly – making each little person feel that THEY are

THE Best!!!

Because they ARE!!!

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