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Chong and Koster is an advertising agency that specializes in digital communications for high-profile clients.

We started in politics and advocacy eight years ago, but have since developed other practice areas including media, tech companies, retailers (both e-commerce and brick & mortar), travel, apparel brands and startups.

In politics, we were the first firm to publish a comprehensive voter persuasion model for the internet, the first firm to prove online ads can move poll numbers on their own, and the first firm to win a statewide election using online ads as the primary form of voter communication. Today, most of our political work is with large-scale, high-profile electoral and advocacy organizations.

We then started getting approached to solve problems in other marketing verticals. We have been selective about taking on only private-sector clients that we feel are doing good for the world—but we’ve had great fun trying to solve big problems for the ones who make the cut.

Chong and Koster is a full-service digital firm, with in-house creative production, media buying, strategy, website design & development. We are data experts and it drives everything we do. We know how to take a client's problem and solve it. For many objectives, we already know what tools and tactics to use, and when we don’t, we know how to test our way into the correct answers. We do everything from large-scale direct response, to brand campaigns that move numbers, to stunts designed to help clients capitalize on key moments.

Chong and Koster only takes clients by referral, and we strive to keep the client roster limited so we can focus on doing great work.