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Elder abuse can take many different forms. The facts show us that elderly individuals are one of the most vulnerable groups to fraud and abuse. If you suspect your loved one is encountering abuse of any kind, the lawyers at Elder Law Info Lawyers can help – you do not have to fight alone.

Abuse can take form in many different ways, and our lawyers are equipped to handle all cases efficiently and with dignity for all parties involved. Cases we cover include nursing home neglect and abuse, long term care facility abuse, protection of whistleblowers that come forward to speak about the abuse going on in different facilities, and many more.

If you, or an elderly loved one have been a victim of financial fraud, exploitation, or abuse of more than $500,000 – we are ready to help you return the funds to their rightful owners.

Elder investment fraud scams are frequent across the country, with more than $3 billion dollars of reported funds lost each year. Don’t fall victim to these scams, instead allow our experienced law firm to help you through this difficult and confusing time.

· Elder Law Info Lawyers have led cases against some of the largest corporations in the country, and have led their clients to victory.

· We take cases of all sizes and fight against any business or individual, and represent our clients to the best of our abilities.

· We support cases including the following: accounting malpractice, stock broker fraud, financial advisor negligence, and many more financial fraud issues.

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