30 is an extraordinary time in life. It’s like in the middle of nowhere. Too many things keep puling you in all possible directions, and you trying harder each day to consolidate your confusion, and it becomes an everyday affair. The responsibilities keep piling on one another and your hopes and aspirations are stuck at the bottom of the pile. It’s the time when its hard being yourself as you play multiple roles be it a son, a husband, a dad, a boss, a son-in law, the band vocalist or plain simple you.

I believe 30 is a good time to recollect what has shaped your life over the years. The inspirations, influences and experiences that you have been a part of; that which has molded you into a survivor; and now you are strong. There are so many people who have their ‘bucket list’ of things they want to do before they turn 30. Well, I had a different approach – I wanted to compile my life experiences and store them in a timeless form – music. And that’s what this album is all about. The music brings together so many wonderful things that I have been a part of and it’s a tribute to all the sweat and toil that everyone around me has gone though in shaping me into the person I am. It is an ode to all who have touched my life.

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