Angela McCauley

Hey You, Welcome to my About Me! My name is Angela & I am a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend & Beachbody Coach! I work & strive everyday to succeed at all these tasks & am working at making a life change for myself! In 2010 I took a good hard look at myself & decided I wasn't happy with some of the decisions I made for my body or what I have pushed aside when it comes to taking care of what I need! I realized, I have been working so hard at taking care of everyone else that I have let myself & made my health a last priority! So with the new 2011 year I am adding myself to the list of people I take care of!!

I am happy to report I quit smoking on February 22nd and can cross that off my list of goals & add it to my list of accomplishments! I also can add to my list that I started taking care of my body again! I am eating healthier & sticking to my exercise routine! I have started drinking my Shakeology Daily & with all this, I am feeling better & better everyday!

One of my biggest inspirations for myself is helping others threw my Beachbody business! It is more than just a fitness & diet plan! It is a huge group of caring & understanding people just like me who want to help others achieve goals! Its a group of programs designed to help people reach out & help themselves for the better! Its an amazing support system that will help anyone who joins as long as you want it bad enough!

My Beachbody Website is:

Please feel free to browse around my site and see if anything sparks your interest! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about anything! I would love to help you succeed at your own goals in life, Just ask!!

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."-Ralph Waldo Emerson