Daniel Lamont

Midland, Texas, United States

Many cultures believe in an afterlife and burial is something believed to be a necessary step for an individual to reach the afterlife. It means natural and simple, one needs to make sure that the site of burial remains as natural as possible. Why Choose a Green Burial, this is one important question? This is done for a healthy reunion of the body with the earth; everything that takes birth ultimately goes back to the earth only. However, it should be done in a healthy manner; bio-degradable caskets must be used with no vaults of concrete and embalming fluids as they harm the environment.

It is important that we learn about burials that are natural and green. It keeps the personal values of the natural intact. By choosing burial procedures that are natural for your closest deceased or pet, you promote the tree growth, it enhances the wildlife, wildflowers and shrubs, and no water is wasted, and manages the flow of nature. All you do here is land and nature preservation. There has always been on debate on Why Choose a Green Burial. Natural burial is done in numerous ways but all the means ensure environmental and professional standards. Today it is much more of a movement; learn about burials that are natural and green and help society reduce carbon emission, waste and toxin from the earth that is caused by the decomposition of dead bodies. The best thing to start with is not to make use of mausoleums and headstones and instead plant a tree over the grave. This will take a form of natural cycle and you promote plantations as well. What we are trying to do here is make every burial substantial for the mother heart and not make that portion a dead land.