Tiffany Jentsch

Performance Coach and Retreat Facilitator

Tiffany has dedicated more than 3,000 hours to coaching individuals, couples, and families. She has presented over 200 motivational health seminars and workshops worldwide. Speaking on the newest and largest cruise ships in the world gave Tiffany the opportunity to coach hundreds of different people each week.

This unique environment allowed her to experience an incredibly diverse range of personalities and cultures in a very short period of time. Patterns in human behavior became very evident and she developed her skills to help people get results quickly and maintain their progress.
Her transition from a fast-paced lifestyle and 14 hour days to a healthy and fulfilling life created her mission to show people that a balanced and purposeful existence is within reach…and easier than you may think.

Tiffany’s areas of expertise are health and weight loss, improving relationships, discovering your life’s purpose, and sales coaching. If you want to perform better at work, lose weight healthily, maintain a balanced lifestyle, mend a broken relationship, or release behavioral patterns or a past that may be haunting you, contact Tiffany to schedule your free initial consultation.

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