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The team behind wanted an e-commerce platform that would connect the buyers and sellers of products that were made in USA. They wanted to form a patriotic style partnership between manufacturers, distributors, retailers and buyers. Their hope is that by encouraging people to buy products that are manufactured locally they will play a role in helping to boost the national economy. Buyers can find a vast range of products like shoes, clothes, outdoor equipment, livestock, books, movies, music, games and office equipment. Along with offering consumer goods this firm also offers industrial and automotive equipment to their consumers.

On the inner pages of this website one can read through the vision that prompted the opening of a website like this. They can go through how buying from local vendors will help a greater national cause. Buyers who are particular about getting goods from a particular seller will find that they simply need to browse the various categories that have been given and find the vendor of their choice. In case the buyer cannot find a product that he is looking for then he can send the firm his request and he will be given an immediate answer.

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