Big Bear Choppers

If you're from California, or you are just cruising through, then you have surely heard of Big Bear Choppers. This chopper shop has been successfully manufacturing the highest quality customized choppers in California since 1998. Located in the avid biker town of San Bernardino, California, the company has chosen to stay close to their customers.

The boys at Big Bear understand that choppers and their riders make up a unique culture all their own. It is this unique California chopper culture that had spurred the creation of movies, magazines and TV shows such as American Choppers.

Choppers come in all sizes. For someone new to choppers, a basic modified version of the traditional motorcycle works best. Some of the more popular chopper styles are lowered near to the ground with an extended front tire and a long frame. Customized choppers have increased in their popularity since they began appearing back in the 1960s.

What makes Big Bear Choppers, the Big Bear?

You may have seen a lot of choppers on the road, which may have inspired you to wonder what makes one manufacturer better than another? Well, unlike dealerships, customized choppers shops like Big Bear Choppers doesn't have a line of pre-made motorcycles ready for sale. Choosing a chopper is one thing, but creating a customized one is a very personal affair altogether. Understanding this makes this chopper shop stand out from the competition. When a customer is ready to own a chopper, then it becomes an intimate affair to customize a unique chopper that expresses their inner biker.

When you are ready to own a powerful chopper, then our staff of expert craftsmen will diligently work with you every creative step of the way. Personal aesthetic vision for the chopper, with an eye for comfort, is our goal for each customer. Each new chopper becomes a new creation, breathing a new love for life into its owner and strengthening the chopper culture. To our credit, many happy customers have gone on to win countless chopper awards from competitions around the country.

The staff at Big Bear has earned national recognition for their excellent customer service. When it comes to creating a customized chopper, customer satisfaction is paramount. This is why people chose Big Bear and their professional fabricators to build the bike of their dreams. If you want the experience of building the chopper of your dreams, then one choppers shop stands out among the rest.